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1. Download the app. (available on Apple IOS & Google android.)
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2.Book a scan. (four clinics to choose from in the vancouver lower mainland)
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3. Review your scan & plan and implement lifestyle changes.

At Jevitty we combine science and data to project human life expectancy.
Our holistic approach includes tangible therapies and services to help individuals grasp a better understanding of how their body works and how they can optimize for longevity. We know that ageing is a disease, and like all diseases there are treatments and therapies that can be implemented to slow and even reverse damage done. Join us on our journey to increasing human longevity and download the Jevitty app today.

1. Download the app.

2. Book a scan.

3. review your scan & plan and implement lifestyle changes.

show us your application before the appointment and get 10% our scans

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