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Original Publication Date: 2022

Are you hitting a plateau in your training? Then consider undergoing a simple body composition scan. One Vancouver company, Bodycomp Imaging is becoming the gold standard in personal body imaging with scans that can give accurate results in just minutes.

The three markers of good health are lean muscle mass, strong bones, and minimal visceral fat. Through DXA technology, Bodycomp’s Jevitty scan takes just six minutes to do an overall visual of your body measuring your lean tissue, fat, and bone.

Bodycomp owner Jerry Kroll had his first scan in 2011 to optimize his marathon training. “Seeing my lean body mass percentages and bone structure image was transformational in directing my focus and habits on the areas that have the best effect on my health and performance,” he says. Kroll, who has a marathon PB of 3:04, was so impressed he bought the company!

The Jevitty scan is the most accurate method to assess body composition and can help individuals to make important dietary and fitness decisions. Regular scans—every three to six months—are recommended to achieve optimal health results.

“After my scan I realized I needed more weight training to improve my bone density,” says Vancouver coach Carey Nelson. “I also needed to increase flexibility to rebalance my spine. If you are monitoring your fitness, it’s a good idea to have a scan twice a year.”

“DXA scans provides the client with an incredible summary of their fat mass and the distribution of that fat throughout their body, as well as information regarding their lean mass and bone density and caloric needs,” says former Bodycomp owner Peter Schwagly.

Jevitty scans are affordable and accessible to anyone at any age. “The combination of quantification, encouragement and education helps clients make meaningful long-term changes to their health and fitness level,” adds Schwagly.

With four locations on the Lower Mainland, Bodycomp Imaging is broadening its reach and developing relationships within the medical profession and fitness industry to access individuals who want to take care of their health for years to come.

“If you have not yet had a Jevitty scan, you are missing out on one of the most important tools in your fitness toolbox. I guarantee it,” adds Kroll.

Bodycomp Imaging by Jevitty

Kitsilano (Vancouver)
2080 W 10th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6J 2B3
(inside Innovative Fitness)


Cambie (Vancouver)
550 West Broadway,
Suite 518
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1E9
(Neelu Bachra Centre)


Oak (Vancouver)
943 West Broadway
Unit 350Vancouver, BC V5Z 4E1
(Inside Broadway Anti-Aging Clinic)


South Surrey
100 – 15303 31st Ave
Surrey, B.C. V3Z 6X2
(Inside Innovative Fitness)


Website: | Facebook: BodycompImaging | Instagram: BodycompImaging


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