Biolytica secures funding for longevity

Swiss-rooted Biolytica, a pioneer in the longevity sphere, proclaimed today that they have triumphantly garnered funds amassing CHF 5.25m (US$5.8m) via the Maximon Longevity Co-Investment Fund.

Biolytica's concentration lies in the innovative Biolytica NEXUS health data platform, a groundbreaking AI-orchestrated analytics mechanism that amalgamates, exhibits, and scrutinizes an extensive array of data, encompassing genomics, blood, microbiome, epigenetic markers, wearable contraptions, lifestyle information, and beyond.

Employing the data, Biolytica fabricates solutions for medical professionals, particularly those situated at preventive medicine facilities, longevity hubs, and tailored wellness clinics. The data may also be utilized by insurance establishments and others to devise scientifically-grounded, hyper-individualized client health odysseys.

Longevity.Technology: Biolytica asserts that its NEXUS platform is the inaugural platform to genuinely incorporate all facets of health and lifestyle, thus enabling the utilization of data from the complete spectrum of human biology. With conceptual genesis tracing back to 2016, Biolytica materialized in October 2021 and emerged from stealth the subsequent year. It unveiled its data-centric, silo-demolishing NEXUS platform to healthcare institutions in early 2023; already generating a 6-figure revenue, the enterprise anticipates reaching mid-7 figures by this year's conclusion.

"Maximon's endorsement in our quest to transform the perception of health and prevention, specifically, exhilarates us," articulates Dr. Rob Konrad Maciejweski, CEO and Founder of Biolytica. "With Maximon's investment, our aspiration is to establish ourselves as the preeminent data platform for preventive healthcare and longevity, persistently propelling innovation in personalized health and wellness."

Biolytica AI health Dashboard

Presently, Biolytica boasts a team exceeding 40 international specialists in health data, analytics, software engineering, bioinformatics, and AI, accompanied by a team of clinical connoisseurs from across the globe and support from 10 scientific and medical advisors.

Beyond their B2B platform offerings, they also proffer B2C bespoke health optimization and longevity initiatives, delivered by their in-house team of longevity virtuosos and buttressed by their Biolytica NEXUS platform. These "AIME" programs extend personalized counsel and assistance for clients endeavoring to optimize their well-being and prolong their lifespan through a data- and science-fueled methodology.

Maximon's patronage highlights the escalating curiosity in and demand for longevity solutions underpinned by robust scientific inquiry. As individuals worldwide pursue methods to lengthen their healthy lifespan, and the shift from "sick-care" to "health-care" progresses, Biolytica is primed to emerge as a frontrunner in this swiftly advancing domain.

"Biolytica's team spearheads the realms of hyper-personalized health, data analytics, and lifespan extension," avers Joerg Rieker, Founding Partner at Maximon and Board Member of Biolytica.

"We are convinced that their inimitable methodology to science-based, data-driven, and AI-supported healthcare will yield a transformative repercussion not solely on the longevity sector, but on healthcare and prevention in general."

Biolytica intends to allocate the newfound funding toward broadening its research and development endeavours, scaling its services to accommodate a more expansive clientele, and collaborating with leading authorities and clinics within the realms of personalized and preventive healthcare.

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