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What Is The Jevitty Score?

Anti-aging products rarely go beyond the surface. Jevitty provides actionable insights to help you learn how to live a longer and healthier life.

The Jevitty score is a reflection of your health potential out of 200.

We take a holistic actuarial approach, which includes your health data, and considers external events that may affect your lifespan.


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We want to make 100 the new 40. Join our diverse community and see what Jevitty can do for you.

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Activity Data

Track your health data in one place. Understand how your sleep, steps and exercise align with your long-term goals for body fat, VO2 max, lean mass and longevity.

Holistic Health

No body part operates in isolation. Sleep loss can lead to weight gain and nutrition can affect bone density. Jevitty connects the dots for a holistic overview of human health.

Health Baseline

Compare your health data to recommended baselines and understand what needs improvement. Track your short and long-term progress to understand your longevity journey.


Access a curated collection of reliable health articles and research. Learn how to live longer using insights from the team that lives and breathes longevity


Discover the best businesses, books and technology to help you learn to live longer. Get unbiased, proven recommendations to support your progress.

User Profile

The answers to the Jevitty questionnaire provide context for your dashboard and Jevitty score. Monitor how your life changes impact your health and appearance with a private gallery.

What Is The Jevitty Body Composition Scan

Jevitty scan provides a 360 degree look at body composition. DEXA Scanners are operated by trained professionals who help you understand your current and future health needs. Learn about your body and how you can improve your lifestyle to increase longevity.

A breakdown of all measurement data for every limb and trunk

Bone density data for arms, ribs, spine, pelvis and legs

Body fat percentage compared to trend, based on your age

Full-body data overview compared with common trends for your age

Resting metabolic rate

Personalized recommendations for your diet

Visceral adipose tissue (VAT) data

Download and get the most out of your life with Jevitty

Develop a deeper understanding of your body, and how to optimize it for longevity by:

Owning a smart health device, such as a smartwatch and smart scales

Actively engaging with health information resources

Investing time and resources into your long term health

Becoming aware of your nutrition and diet

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